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Farmyard Animals

Everything but the Horse: A beautiful recollection from Holly Hobbie's own childhood about her love affair with horses.When Holly's family moves from the city to the countryside, she's scared of this new world at first, but gradually comes to love the animals she encounters. Soon she is drawing the horses in the local pastures obsessively, hinting to her parents what she wants more than anything. But will her one wish ever come true?

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 4 - 7.

Everything but the Horse LB0195 $16.99 Our Price $14.44

Who's in the Farmyard? Head down to the farm and spot frisky goats bleating in the garden , little lambs baaing in the fields and many other animals and their babies being woken up by the rooster's crow. Peek-a-Boo! Which farm animals can you see?

Large Board Book. 8' x 8". Ages 1 - 4.

Who's in the Farmyard? BF5749 $14.99

Farm Animal Puppet Set: Set of six 3"farm animal finger puppets.

Farm Animal Finger Puppet Set CP0489 $26.99

Barn Owl Finger Puppet: Mini Barn Owl is 4" tall.

Barn Owl Finger Puppet FM2645 $8.49

Five Little Ducks Puppet Set: Beautifully made Mother Duck hand puppet and five little duckling finger puppets complete this set which is designed to accompany the Five Little Ducks Book. Children bring the story to life by enacting events in the book. A plump Mother Duck is 9" long and the Little Ducks are 3" long.

Five Little Ducks Puppet Set CP0656 $38.95

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Farmer Duck: There once was a duck who had the bad luck to live with a lazy farmer. The duck did all the work while the farmer lay in bed. Until ... "MOO!" "BAA!" "CLUCK!" ... the other animals came to the rescue. Listen to the CD to find out why Duck does all the work.

Paper with audio CD Ages 2 - 5.
By Martin Waddell and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

Only 1 Available

Farmer Duck CW1121 $8.99

Duckling Hand Puppet: Duckling is designed so smaller hands can animate its bill and wings. Soft and cuddly duckling is 9" tall.

Duckling Hand Puppet FM2922 $19.95

Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings: There's a surprise on every page as textured shapes magically turn into colorul creatures (fuzzy circle becomes a duckling, furry square becomes a koala, etc. ) that beg to be touched and petted. Fold-out fun with textures, colors, shapes, and animals. Hardcover multiconcept book by Matthew Van Fleet. Ages 2 & up.

Fuzzy Yellow Duckling PP7596 $13.99 Our Price $11.89

Duckling Finger Puppet: Bring the joy wherever you go! With soft plush the color of sunshine, the Duckling finger puppet chirps happily with a little shake.

Duckling Finger Puppet FM2764 $9.95

Funky Chicken Puppet: This groovy gal has feather soft plush, playful eyes and velvety comb atop her cute little head. Animate the head and wings to enliven this gregarious bird for pecking and flapping.
Funky chicken is 9" long.

Funky Chicken Puppet FM3030 $17.95

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Chick Finger Puppet: 4" Puppet.

Chick Finger Puppet FM2721 $6.49

Cottontail Rabbit Puppet: This adorable storytime pal is super soft. It sits alert with ears perked. The front paws and mouth are moveable in this life-like rabbit. Hand Puppet. 14" long.

Cottontail Rabbit Puppet FM2891 $30.95

Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet: 4" Puppet.

Lop Ear Rabbit Finger Puppet FM2745 $8.95

Standing Lop Ear Rabbit: Look who just popped up in the garden ready for the next harvest. The 12" Standing Lop Rabbit puppet features distinctive long ears and cashmere-soft fur in a creamy white and "broken" brown color pattern. A hip "localvore" who's ready to feed on fresh veggies, this cuddly fellow can hold a carrot up to his hungry, open mouth and nibble away. Adopt this sweet natured creature before he hops away!

Standing Lop Ear Rabbit FM2992 $28.95

Standing Rabbit Puppet: Large as life and twice as cuddly, once you pick him up you won't want to put him down. Standing White Rabbit puppet features movable front paws and mouth, stands 17" tall, is recommended for ages 3 and up.

Standing Rabbit Puppet FM2868 $23.95

Bunny Finger Puppet: 5" Puppet.
Only 3 Available.

Bunny Finger Puppet FM2727 $7.95

Bunny Bungalow: The bunnies have found the perfect bunny home, just right for busy days, snug nights, and lots of bunny fun. So hop inside this cozy bungalow and visit for a while. You'll be glad you did!

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 2 -4

Bunny Bungalow HM0928 $13.00

Small Bunny Puppet: Running to his burrow or nibbling on the garden, the soft and timid 8" bunny rabbit is a favorite animal of young children. This Bunny Rabbit puppet is just the right size for cuddling, whether on or off the hand of Mom or Dad.

Small Bunny Puppet FM2048 $13.95

Floppy Bunny Puppet: Floppy Bunny Rabbit is a delightful 17-inch bundle of softness. Created in cream-colored fabric that so ultra soft no one will ever want to put her down. Floppy Bunny Rabbit will hop into the hearts of young and old with her charming looks.

Floppy Bunny Puppet FM2838 $28.95

Black Faced Sheep Puppet: 15" Stage Puppet has a movable mouth and front legs.
Only 1 Available.

.Black Faced Sheep Puppet FM2884 $17.95

Bleating Sheep Puppet: Yes, you "herd" right; this BLEATING SHEEP puppet has a sweet, comical face and soft, silvery fleece. This is one puppet "ewe" will surely love. Animate her mouth as you gently squeeze her body to hear her bleat. Sheep is 13" long.

Bleating Sheep Puppet FM3058 $35.95

The Surprise: Sheep wants to make a special gift for her best friend. When her wool is long enough, she rides her moped to buy some red dye, then dyes her wool and shaves it off. Then she puts on a warm sweater and takes the wool to Poodle, who spins it into yarn. A long project begins. What is Sheep making? And who is the surprise for?

Hardcover Wordless Picture Book. Ages 3 - 6.

First E.d. Out-of-Print Only 1 Available

The Surprise BT5857 $16.95

Mary had a Little Lamb: We all know that Mary had one little lamb, but what about the others? They can't bear to let her out of their sight either! Follow Mary, wherever she goes. Look through the die-cut holes in each page to see what her lambs are up to!l

Mary had a Little lamb CP5126 $5.99

Lamb Puppet: The lamb has long been a symbol of youth and innocence. With a sweet face, workable mouth and ultra-soft, nubby fur, this Lamb puppet will tame the fiercest lion heart and bring the spirit of spring into any room. Hand enters from underneath. Lamb is 12" tall.

Lamb Puppet FM2864 $29.95

Pig Beanie: This adorable pig beanie is 8" from nose to tail.

Pig Beanie GN8930 $9.95

The Three Pigs: This picture book begins placidly (and familiarly) enough, with three pigs collecting materials and going off to build houses of straw, sticks, and bricks. But the wolf’s huffing and puffing blows the first pig right out of the story . . . and into the realm of pure imagination. The transition signals the start of a freewheeling adventure with characteristic David Wiesner effects—cinematic flow, astonishing shifts of perspective, and sly humor, as well as episodes of flight.

Hardcover. Ages 6 - 7.

The Three Pigs HM7011 $17.99 Our Price $15.29

Grunting Pig Puppet: Equipped with a realistic sounding grunter that activates with a squeeze of his pot belly, this cuddly little porker will have you rolling on the floor laughing! Delightful silky soft plush of pale pink with grey patches and a curly tail come to life with a workable snout, mouth and front trotters. Pig is 14" long.

Grunting Pig Puppet FM2991 $31.95

Funny Farm: Welcome to the funniest farm you will ever visit! Join Edward as he pitches in with the chores on his first trip to Hawthorne Farm -- where the pigs play practical jokes, the sheep brush their teeth before heading out to graze, and the mice churn their own butter. It is a day that Edward will never forget -- a funny day on a funny farm.

Book Plate Autographed by Mark Teague
Hardcover, Picture Book. Ages 3 - 5.

Funny Farm SC4994 $16.99

Little Pig Puppet: Sweet and soft, make this 7" Little Pig oink, sing and tell barnyard tales.

Little Pig Puppet FM2967 $12.95









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