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Joint Parenting

(c)Nancy Coffelt and Tricia Tusa
Fred Stays With Me: Sometimes I live with my Mom. Sometimes I live with Dad. But Fred stays with me. Divorce isn't easy, but it helps when you have a friend like Fred. But Fred likes to steal socks and make a mess, and Mom and Dad are mad that Fred is such a troublemaker! If Fred can't stay with Mom or Dad, who will he stay with?

Hardcover Picture Book. Ages 5 - 6.

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Living with Mom and Living with Dad: For young children who live in two homes, this bright, simple story with oversized flaps reassures young readers that there is love in each one. Sometimes the child in this book lives with her mom and cat, and sometimes with Dad. Her bedroom looks a little different in each house, and she keeps some toys in one place and some in another. But her favorite toys she takes with her wherever she goes.

Hardcover Picure Book with large Lift-the-Flaps.

Living with Mom and Living with Dad
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Animal Lullabies Dog Pajama Case: Filled with a youngster's pjs, this soft dog pajama bag will guard their bed until bedtime and will make a great companion at nap time.

Animal Lullabies Dog Pajama Case CP0557 $14.95

Animal Lullabies: It's late in the animal kingdom, and time for all the animal children to go to bed. But how do animal parents help their little ones to sleep? What Animal lullabies do they sing? This is the perfect bedtime opportunity for parents of all species to cuddle up with thier own cubs, and find out.

Paper w/CD. Ages 1- 4.

Animal Lullabies CP0938 $9.99


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