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Michael Hoeye

Michael Hoeye lives with his wife, Martha, in a stone cottage in Portland, Oregon surrounded by big trees. Squirrels, flickers and other wildlife are drawn to this magical setting and provide endless entertainment and inspiration for his books.

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The Sands of Time Hardcover Chapter BookTime Stops for No Mouse Hardcover Chapter Book
No Time Like Showtime Hardcover Chapter BookTime to Smell the Roses Hardcover Chapter Book

Hermux Tantamoq
The Watchmaker Mouse
Book Set

All four adventures of watchmaker mouse, Hermux Tantamoq, by Michael Hoeye are now out-of-print. This four book hardcover set comes with autographed bookplates in each book. The stories are described below.

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Time Stops
for No Mouse

Hermux is a mouse who fixes watches by day and spends quiet evenings at home with his pet ladybug. Then his life is forever changed by the appearance of Linka Perflinger, daredevil, aviatrix and adventuress. When she suddenly disappears, Hermux sets out to find her. What has happened to Ms. Perflinger? Who is the mysterious Dr. Mennus, and how is he connected with Tucka Mertslin, the eccentric cosmetics tycoon? Hermux must be daring and vigilant - tall orders for a small mouse! But he rises to the occasion. And nearly breaks our hearts in the process.

The Sands of Time

Our favorite mouse and watchmaker, Hermux Tantamoq, is up to his ears in trouble again. All of Pinchester is in an uproar over his friend Mirrin Stentrill's visionary new paintings - monumental portraits of CATS! The Pinchester Museum announces Mirrin's exhibition, and Mayor Pinkwiggin immediately vows to shut it down. After all, cats are not a popular topic in a city of rodents - and everyone knows they never really existed. While militant mice organize to stop the show, most of Pinchester's stylish set vies for invitations to the gala opening. Then a mysterious old chipmunk appears in Hermux's shop with what he claims to be a map to the royal library of a prehistoric kingdom of cats. Before long Hermux is hot on a trail of treachery and deceit that leads all the way from Pinchester to an ancient tomb that lies buried in
. . . The Sands of Time!

No Time Like Showtime

Hermux Tantamoq is in the spotlight again when he gets an urgent plea for help from Fluster Varmint - the most famous mouse in show business. It seems as if someone wants to put Varmint's lights out! Hermux dives into the mystery, but quickly discovers the difficulty of finding the culprit in a theater full of other people putting on an act. And there are other threats, too, notably suave director Brinx Lotelle practicing his amorous skills on dashing aviatrix Linka Perflinger, who just happens to be Hermux's sweetheart - if only Hermux had the nerve to tell her! Can Hermux save the day, save the theater, and get the girl? Or will it be curtains for our favorite watchmaking mouse?

Time to Smell the Roses

A missing heir, a homeless teenager, fields of dying flowers, and a beauty tycoon with an ax to grind. No one sees the connections until an unidentified body washes up on the beach and Hermux Tantamoq takes the case. Our favorite mouse and watchmaker is back on the job in his fourth adventure. Teamed up with his fiancee, Linka Perflinger, and Terfle, his pet ladybug, Hermux sets out to untangle the unusually thorny mysteries at Thorny End - - the rose-growing capital of the world and home to more killer insects and practical joke-loving evil scientists than your average small town. In the midst of mayhem, Linka tries to plan a perfect wedding, Terfle falls in love with a rebellious squirrel, and Hermux comes to the realization that it's finally Time to Smell the Roses.


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