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Arlene Williams

Arlene Williams has a talent for crafting tales of fairies and magical dragons that stimulate a child's imagination. Arlene and her husband, Peter, live in Seattle Washington.

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Tiny Tortilla Hardcover Picture Book

Tiny Tortilla

Juan Carlos is dreaming of a hot, tasty tortilla for lunch. But the old tortilla maker in the plaza has sold them all. She has only a scrap of dough left - and it is muy pequena. She tells Juan Carlos he must pat the dough and sing: "Palma-palma-palmadita, Palma-palma-palmadita." When the dough is light and thin, he must give it three more pats: uno, dos, tres. And he must NOT take a bite until it is done. It is very hard to wait, but Juan Carlos soon learns all that a tiny tortilla can be. Hardcover. Ages 4 - 8.
Autographed Book Plate by Arlene Williams

PP3823 $15.99

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Dragon Soup Hardcover Picture Book

Dragon Soup

In a desperate attempt to save herself and her father's farm from the cruel merchant, Tonlu journeys to the cave of the Cloud Dragons to steal a pearl. However she is caught and put to the task of settling a dispute between the two dragon brothers over whose soup tastes better. Knowing it would be dangerous to chose one soup over the other, Tonlu finds an ingenious solution that allows all of them win. Hardcover.
Ages 6 - 10.
Only 1 copy available.
Autographed Book Plate by Arlene Williams.

BT1634 $15.95

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How to be a Dragon...without burning your tongue Paperback Book

How to be a Dragon

...without burning your tongue

How would it feel to be turning into a dragon... scale by scale, fang by fang, claw by claw? Rozzie Banks finds out after a snowmobile accident leaves her mother in a coma. This tragedy transports her into a difficult new world, living with her estranged father in an isolated town in Nevada. She despises her new life until, inside a mountain cavern, she meets a shadowy beast. There she touches a mysterious teardrop that begins her transformation into a dragon. Paper.
Ages 11 - 14.
First Edition autographed by Arlene Williams.

BT4496 $16.95

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Tales from the Dragon's Cave Paperback Book

Tales from the
Dragon's Cave

Water dragons! Lightning dragons! Dragon pirates and kites! Each story in this magical collection of tales is filled with wonderful fairy tale characters and exciting adventures as well as wise lessons in the art of peacemaking. With a foreword by Pricilla Prutzman, Co-founder of the Creative Response to Conflict program in Nyack, NY. Paper.
Ages 8 - 12.
Autographed by Arlene Williams.

BT4488 $12.95

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Winker, Buttercup and Blue Hardcover Chapter Book

Winker, Buttercup
and Blue

When tiny Winker Leafkin finds a beautiful blue egg to enter in the elfin Easter egg contest, he and his friend Buttercup think they will win for sure. Then the egg hatches and they discover that raising a baby robin is a big job. Join them in this delightful tale of friendship and adventure. Ages 8 - 12.
Autographed by Arlene Williams.

BT4429 $15.95

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Simmie... With Secrets Downloadable Childrens Chapter Book

Simmie... With Secrets

Clare lives in an alley shack in Chicago's poorest ward in 1894. She sews buttons and hems for Mr. Jones, the sweat boss, and only has a few pennies left to buy bread. Her mother has gone away. Clare doesn't know where or when she's coming back, but she is about to stumble upon a mystery that could change her life forever. It all begins with Simmie, her ragged doll, and a taffy tin full of secrets.

Simmie... With Secrets
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